Center for Young People


We offer free facilities for informal groups of young people.


We are a platform for culture and creativity. To create is to invent, experiment, grow, break rules, make mistakes and have fun.

Employment & support

We offer all kinds of counselling and support to young people.

Independant groups

We have lots of independant groups that opperate from Hitt Húsið. Some are open and and some are closed. Click here to find out more!

Welcome to Hitt Húsið!

Hitt Húsið is a youth center, located in the heart of Reykjavík.  We offer a platform for young people to sing, dance, dream, create, learn, play, meet, -basically to do whatever they can think of!  Drop by for a cup of coffee and a conversation.  Hitt Húsið is run by Reykjavik City and is open to all young people between the age of 16 and 25 years.

Our Goals

Support and facilities

To provide support and a platform for young people to realize their ideas.

Youth culture

To resonate with the culture of young people today.

To guide and give information

To provide the youth with relevant information and with guidance, in cooperation with other professional institutions.

Youth employment

To be a center for young people who seek employment.

Social support and counsel

To provide social consultation and support for youth.

What’s up?