The History of Hitt Húsið Youth Center

Hitt Húsið youth center was opened in the year 1991.  The idea of a recreational center for young people of the age of 16-25 year old had been on the agenda of the Youth and Sport Council of Reykjavik for a while.  The youth center was located in an old club for the first years and was first and foremost a dance venue for young people.  Soon enough, the youngsters requested a more comprehensive programme in terms of arts, culture and training.  Since then, Hitt Húsið has grown into the institution it is now; a center for culture and information where young people are provided with a platform to realize their ideas and initiatives.

Aims of Hins Hússins

  • Support and facilities – To provide support and a platform for young people to realize their ideas.
  • Youth culture – To resonate with the culture of young people today.
  • To guide and give information – To provide the youth with relevant information and with guidance, in cooperation with other professional institutions.
  • Youth employment – To be a center for young people who seek employment.
  • Social support and counsel – To provide social consultation and support for youth.