Activities for young people with disabilities

We offer a diverse range of activities for young people with disabilities.  Young people with disabilities are welcome to join us on Tipp Topp Thursdays (16-40 years), in after-school activities (16-20 years), various clubs and groups.  We also help the youth with applying for summer jobs.  In addition we celebrate the art festival List án landamæra every spring (Art without borders).


After-school activities

Hitt Húsið offers after-school activities to disabled people of the age of 16-20 years that are currently participating in a study programme for disabled students in upper secondary school. More information on after-shool activities


Tipp Topp Thursdays

On Tipp Topp Thursdays we’re open for people with disability of the age of 16-40 years.  The programme runs from 17-22 and is situated in the basement (enter from Austurstræti).  The basement is accessible to wheelchairs by an elevator from the alley on the backside of the building (from Hafnarstræti).

More information on Tipp Topp


List án landamæra

List án landamæra, Art without borders, is an annual art festival with an emphasis on diversity.  Everyone is welcome to participate!  Various artists collaborate and the outcome is glorious! 

More information on Art without borders