Counselling and employment

We provide young people with a variety of counselling and support on different topics and issues. The division is in constant revision as we try to stay on top of current trends in the labour market as well as in the life of young people.

We offer free job counsel to young people.  Some of the things we assist you with is tips on how to make a good CV, where to look for jobs and how to prepare for a job interview.

About job counselling
We provide young people who are registered as unemployed courses in cooperation with the Directorate of Labour. There are two seminars available. Vitamin is aimed at stimulating and motivating young job seekers and the Work-place training provides young people with hands-on job training in the form of an internship with a company of the persons interest.
We are here to support you! Whether it is help bringing your brilliant idea into life or if you are confused and don’t know what to do with your life, the universe and everything, then we are here to try our best to help.
About the realization of ideas

Vinfús is a group for young people. The aim of the group is to provide a platform for young people who want to meet other people as well as those who have had issues with marginalization in school or in other social circumstances. The work of the group is based around creating a healthy platform for activities and entertainment for those who wish to participate.

About Vinfús

The aim of the Hot Tub grant fund is to foster the initiatives of young people to have a positive effect their local communities. The project has the objective of promoting neighbourhood awareness, building a positive image and supporting a diverse and joyful society for everyone.

About the Hot Tub

The peer to peer education (jafningjafræðslan)  is made up of young educators that go around speaking to other young people about subjects such as drug use, self image and life in general. The ideology behind the project is that young people are best suited to connect with other young peoples everyday life and matters, rather then other educators in different stages of life.

About the peer to peer education