Counsel and support

Hitt Húsið is here to support you!  Whether you need help with realizing a brilliant idea or if you’re confused and have no idea on where your life is heading, we will try to support you.

Idea realization

“Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas” said the physicist Marie Curie.  The staff of Hitt Húsið is curious about all kinds of ideas that young people might have and is happy to help with the realization of great ideas.  Hitt Húsið provides facilities, assistance with grant applications and general encouragement.  Contact us if you have an idea, no matter the size and scale.

Sandra Barilli

Manager of the information centre. T: 411-5500


The staff of Hitt Húsið is there for you if something is amiss.  The Hitt Húsið counselors have information on social assistance provided by the municipality, provide general counsel and support to young people.  The counselors are in close contact with social authorities and work with both individuals and groups.

Bogi Hallgrímsson

Counselor T: 411-5522

Total Counsel

Back in the days, despairing youth sent in anonymous letters to youth magazines, which were published and answered.  Later these youth magazines went out of the market due to the overpowering internet.  To fill the gap that appeared, Hitt Húsið opened the website Total Counsel, where young people could send in questions anonymously.  Total Counsel has now been merged with Á, a website that provides information for young people on various topics.

The Total counselors answer all questions and promise 100% anonymity.  Popular questions include topics like sex, education, self-image, depression, addiction, relationships, but we welcome any kind of question, regardless of the topic.  The questions will be replied by email and published online with the consent of the person who asked the question.