Jafningjafræðslan – Peer to peer counsel

Don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, don’t have sex too soon, don’t watch porn, don’t fight, do this, do that…  Young people are often told what to do by parents, bosses and authorities, with out there being any room for a dialog.  The Jafningjafræðslan peer to peer counsel is a group of young people who go out and talk about life, with other young people.  The ideology behind this is that young people listen more to other young people.

A diverse group of youngsters

The group consists of very diverse young people who are chosen after an admission workshop and an interview.  The young people are 17-21 years old and residents of Reykjavík, Seltjarnarnes and Kópavogur.  They have various talents and diverse backgrounds.  The work of a peer consultant is very demanding and the young people have to be well prepared for all kinds of questions.  That’s why all peer consultants undergo a thorough 3 week long preparation course as a part of their job.  The course consists of presentations and lectures from professionals in the field of youth culture.  In addition, the group gets through training in public speaking and facilitation. The topics of the preparation course include public health, self-image, alcohol, tobacco and drug use, sex, body image and respect, porn, rights of young people, addiction, mental health and bullying.

Training and drug-free events

The peer consultants visit youth clubs, schools and the work school with training programme which aims to educate young people on various topics, answer questions and facilitate icebreakers and energizers.  Special emphasis is on a strong self-image, healthy lifestyle, the disadvantages of drug use and communication, both online and in person.

Further information:

Bogi Hallgrímsson

Bogi Hallgrímsson

Project manager S: 4115532