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The Friend League is an activity group for youth.  The programme is aimed at individuals who want to meet new friends, but also young people who feel socially isolated.  The programme aims to provide a healthy platform for entertainment and communication.  Social isolation can stem from a lack of training in communication and the isolation can get the individual into a vicious circle where the isolation leads to even further isolation.  This vicious circle often leads to further problems, such as depression and anxiety.  Our goal is to help the individual break the circle by having fun in a safe space and making a connection with other young people in the same situation.  The group meets once a week at Hitt Húsið, but the programme takes place both here and around town.  The young people make the programme in collaboration with the staff of Hitt Húsið.  The project leaders are very experienced in working with young people.


The goals of the Friend League are:

  1. Develop the individual’s communication skills and reinforcing positive behavior to eliminate negative behavior.
  2. Strengthen the self-image of individuals and promote a positive outlook on life with games and compliments.
  3. Supporting the individuals of the group in making connections with the other group members, hopefully nurturing a lifelong relationship.  Provide a platform for the youth to communicate positively with others.
  4. Light up the life of the individuals, -something they look forward to every week.


All applications are considered confidential.

Bogi Hallgrímsson

Project manager: 411-5522

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