We are a residence of culture: To create is to invent, experiment, grow, break the rules, make mistakes and have fun. This definition is the guiding star in the cultural activities we do here at Hitt Húsið.

Hitt Húsið organizes and hosts flea- and designer markets regularly that young people aged 16-25 have the opportunity of participating in.

About the markets

The summer brings life to the city and that is the time that the artists and the multi-talents of Reykjavík start enriching the city with it´s creativity. Annually a group of young people get the chance of working doing exactly that. About the Street Theatre

Young people aged 17-25 have the opportunity of applying for the creative groups of Hitt Húsið. Groups or individuals will work for 8 weeks during the summer on putting their own creative ideas into action.

About the art groups

Unglist is an art festival that has the aim of promoting young artist in different fields. Dance, theater improv, musicians, designers, models, writers and unconventional painters all have their space in this annual art festival.

About Unglist

An annual gathering where companies and organizations provide a platform for young people to come and be introduced to opportunities to travel, work or study abroad.

About Útþrá-Wanderlust

Gallerí Tukt is a place where young people can promote their art without having to pay anything for it. Sound, installations, video pieces, sculptures, light projects, – everything is allowed! About Gallery Tukt

Músíktilraunir is a music festival that lasts for a week and is dedicated to young musicians from 13-25 years of age. The festival consists of 4-5 qualifying rounds where 2-3 bands are given access to the final evening where the winners receive a grand prize. As well there are awards for those outstanding and most promising musicians and singers and the most popular band is voted by the audiences themselves by a phone vote.

About the Music Experiments

Iceland has an incredible abundance of talented musicians. Many of them have taken their first steps here at Hitt Húsið and been able to promote their music via the concert series we have here. 4/4 (read: Four/fourth) is a concert series that is operated during the winter months and is thought of as a platform for musicians aged 16-25 to play there music to an audience in a professional setting.