4/4 Concerts

The amount of world famous Icelandic musicians is far away from being proportional to the size of the nation.  It would be arrogant to claim that success, but it’s still a fact that many of the artists that are now successful here and abroad strummed their first chords here at Hitt Húsið.  4/4 is a series of concerts, – a platform for young musicians of the age of 16-25 years to take their first steps in performing and event planning.  Hitt Húsið provides the facilities and technical support and provides a platform of cooperation, in order for the young people to gain experience.  The concerts take place on Saturdays at the Information Centre.
Start rehearsing and book right away, as the time slots fill up early!

Ása Hauksdóttir

Manager of the cultural department T: 411-5526 asa@hitthusid.is

Apply for playing at a 4/4 concert: