Fleamarkets and design markets

Every other month or so, Hitt Húsið facilitates a marketplace for young people to sell their goods, old clothes or design.  Some markets focus on young designers whilst others simply serve as making space for a wardrobe renewal for clothing enthusiasts.  Young people of the age of 16-25 are welcome to sell their stuff.  For booking a market table, please contact the Information Center.


Your grandma’s cuckoo clock from Switzerland, an old pair of jeans from H&M, a stack of 90’s Game Boy cartridges, 20 crappy romance novel books.  One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!  Sell your old stuff or just come by and make a bargain!

Design markets

It’s hard to stand out in the Icelandic design jungle, and the first steps are the hardest.  Young designers get an opportunity to promote themselves and sell their items at our special design markets.  Participation is free, which is not the case for most pop-up markets in iceland.  Are you a handycraft’s person by nature? Do you knit bowties?  Paint pictures of rotten vegatables?  Maybe you should check out our design markets!


um flóa- og hönnuðarmarkaði