Músíktilraunir – The Music Experiements

What do the bands Mínus, XXX Rottweilerhundar, Agent Fresco, Jakobínarína and Of Monsters and Men have in common?  The letter ‘n’ can be found in each band name!  Well, and yes, they’ve all won the Music Experiments in the past!  The Music Experiments are an annual music festival for young musicians of the age of 13-25 years.  The festival lasts for a week, with 4-5 semi-finals where a couple of bands are chosen to compete in the finals.  Special awards go to the top instrument players and the most popular band, which is voted by televoting.

Also in your living room

For the last couple of years, the national broadcast service has transmitted the finals live on the radio and recorded the show for a later broadcast.  The Music Experiments are supported by Sena, Icelandair, FÍH and Rás 2 (RÚV).


All participants have to be 13-25 years of age.  Participating in The Music Experiments is a great way to gain experience in performing and promoting your music.  The Music Experiments are held in March/April every year.

Ása Hauksdóttir

Manager of the cultural department of Hitt Húsið S: 411-5526 asa@hitthusid.is