Unglist -Art Festival

Unglist is an art festival promoiting young artists and their culture.  Young people dance their shoes off, strum their strings, stride down the catwalk, recite poems and create daring art.  Diversity is at the core of the festival, show-casing the diverse culture of young people.  Unglist takes place in November every year.  Here are a couple of highlights:

Leiktu betur – You can improv!

Leiktu betur is a improv competition for upper secondary schools.  Each team challenges the other team in improv games and acts, such as the best kitchen drama in the style of the silent movies, or the best zoo sketch in a musical style.  Nothing has been decided up front and everything can happen!

Art Marathon

Everyone of the age of 16-25 is welcome to participate in the art marathon!  The artists get an empty canvas, a theme and 24 hours to create a masterpiece.  A jury picks the best work of art.

Fashion Show

Fashion goes in circles.  At the Unglist fashion show, young fashion designers show-case their design in the catwalk.


Unglist offers a range of concerts, from rock to classical.  Something for everyone!

Dance Show

Young dancers show their talent at the Unglist dance show.  Stretches and steps, jumps and jingles, -not only fun to watch, but also truly emotional.

Ása Hauksdóttir

Manger of the cultural department S: 411-5526 asa@hitthusid.is