Útþrá – Wanderlust

“He hath need of his wits who wanders wide, aught simple will serve at home”.  This wisdom comes from the ancient Hávamál, wisdom of the vikings.  It means that a traveler needs to have his wits about him, but the stupid can stay at home.  Traveling is vital for gaining experience and one can learn a lot from seeing the world and meeting new cultures.  The opportunities for traveling are vast for young people today.  A young person, thirsty for travel, can do an exchange study somewhere far away, take a backpack throughout Asia, volunteer in South America or go to a summer camp in Eastern Europe.  Or just something completely different!

Útþrá, which means wanderlust, is an annual event where companies and organizations who offer some kind of overseas opportunities can present themselves to young people.

The atmosphere on Útþrá