List án landamæra – Art without borders

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Art without borders

– an annual art festival with an emphasis on the diversity of the human existence.

Everyone who wants to can participate! At the festival artist work together at creating a diverse range of art pieces with multiple outcomes. With the aim of creating a more diversely rich society and promoting understanding between groups of people, fostering creative initiatives and staying on top of current societal trends. The festival is not an institution but a grassroot movement and is held all across the country annually every year during spring and lasts for around 6-8 weeks. The events are around 60 every year and the number of participants are around the six hundreds.

The benefits of Art without boarders:

  • Art without boarders puts an emphasis on the posative expression of people with disabilities as a full participants in society.
  • Artists and participants in the festival are role models. The impact of the role models on participants and spectators is great and therefore it is important that they are of all walks and stages of life and are a reflection of the society in the most inclusive definition possible.
  • Art without borders increases the creative force of everyone associated and encourages participation in cultural life.
  • The festival is creates a crossing between invisible cultural platforms.
  • The festival creates opportunities.
  • Art without borders facilitates and connects people.
  • Art without borders promotes knowledge that in turn decreases prejudices.
  • Art without boarders increases the positive coverage of people with disabilities in the media.
  • Art without boarders creates a platform between people with disabilities and those without disabilities and in tun enriches the cultural life of Reykjavík and across the country.
  • It increases positive coverage of young people with disabilities!


Why ?

By creating a platform you create opportunities.  The opening of portals and new paths towards meeting new people and the creation of creative groups of people that can eventually lead to even more diverse creative activities. Art without boarders is therefore a festival of the possible, diversity and opportunities for everyone.



The aim of the festival is to increase the quality, enjoyment, accessibility, diversity and equality in the cultural life of Iceland. Our aim is to promote art created by people with disabilities and establish cooperation between people with disabilities and those without. The visibility of the complexity of individuals that form the society that we live in can directly impact equality amongst those that form it.

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Íris Stefanía Skúladóttir

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